Cover Singing 4 everUnsere vierte CD aus dem Jahre 2004; erstmals Live- und Studioaufnahmen auf einer Scheibe! 

01 Lean on me
02 I saw the light
03 For the rest of my life
04 Yezu azali awa
05 Going up yonder
06 I Pharadisi
07 Take me as I am
08 We're goin' up tho the higher places
09 Keep your lamps
10 Born again
11 Come by here my Lord
12 He shall reign
13 May the Lord send angels
14 I don't feel no way tired
15 We believe
16 I woke the morning
17 The light of truth
18 Come let us sing
19 I will open up my heart
20 Operator
21 You've got a friend
22 Nobody knows
23 Jesus is the lover of my soul
24 If we ever needed the Lord before

coverbild GOSPELBOAT 2004

coverbild GOSPELBOAT 2004Band 640